Welcome to Saudi Arabia 16/12/2014

Welcome to Saudi Arabia, one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. It is home of authentic customs, traditions and prehistoric civilizations ... discover with us through the timeline of history the oldest civilizations in the world that Saudi Arabia has embraced through the ages.

Saudi Arabia is a tremendous open tourist destination that caters to every guest getting away for quality time. Its geographical features include vast expanse of lands that vary between plains, mountains, deserts and coastline, giving it a unique climatic diversity. Throughout the year, you can spend unforgettable journeys.

The unique environment of Saudi Arabia offers you a variety of multiple options to experience a unique atmosphere of adventure. From desert to mountains, caves, seas, and islands, there are a lot of activities to enjoy, especially for sport and adventure enthusiasts.

Welcome to Saudi Arabia, a country with the fastest growing economy in the world. Its success has enabled the Kingdom to attain growth rates that are considered equal to those of industrialized countries. Today, Saudi Arabia is known for its unique development in various fields and sciences. This development has secured it a place on the world tourist map as a must-see for its cultural and natural diversity.

Saudi Arabia invites you to discover its beautiful attractions during a visit to one of its many international and local exhibitions and conferences. Whether you are a businessman, visitor, student or tourist you can learn about the Kingdom and its many tourism and investment opportunities available by visiting the Kingdom's pavilions at these international, local and regional forums to learn about its unique diversity and promising investment opportunities.

audi Arabia is a vast open tourist resort that caters for visitors looking to enjoy some quality time. Its vast expanse of lands that vary between the plains, mountains, deserts and the sea add to its unique climatic diversity. Throughout the year, the weather varies from one region to another so the tourism season is all year round.

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